Providing a range of co-curricular opportunities is important to us because we value each child’s individual skills and interests, and we want to give every opportunity for students to grow and further their potential. St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Georges Hall provides students with every opportunity to make a positive difference in the world.


We have a dedicated sport teacher who is an elite athlete and trains and supports students to participate in local, regional and state sporting events. Students have the opportunity to compete in gala and carnival events including soccer, swimming, football, athletics, netball and cross country.

Creative Arts

Each year we have opportunities for students to work with a high school visual arts teacher and participate in unique art competitions. Recently, our dance troupe auditioned and performed at a NSW aerobic school championship. We continue to utilise the services of commercial music tutors to extend and build upon our music program.


For students who enjoy information communication technology (ICT), we offer coding as a lunchtime club for students. There is also a Student Movie Team where students work with a skilled professional to learn filming techniques using various visual media.


Our nature filled environment allows students the opportunity to work with a mentor to learn about sustainable gardening.

Public Speaking

Our school participates in inter-school public speaking  competitions to build on and create oral confidence and proficiency.


Students have the opportunity to choose to engage in the University of NSW academic testing each year. Tests involve knowledge and skills in the area of Science, Reading, Writing and Mathematics. The school also promotes weekend university enrichment.