Our teachers know their students and work with them to help them realise their potential as learners. Our focus on authentic learning and authentic assessment ensures that we challenge our students to grow in their learning and achieve their personal best.

Throughout our community of Sydney Catholic schools, we have shown high performance of our students in measures such as NAPLAN and the HSC.

We are proud to acknowledge the various achievements of St Mary’s Catholic Primary School Georges Hall students. We strive to ensure students achieve the high expectations set for themselves academically and as a citizen. It is a joy to share with the community our achievements in school assemblies and newsletters.

Here are some of the most recent achievements:

  • Our school is above the state and above the NAPLAN ‘results of other schools similar in demographic to ours’ in Reading. Year 3 has particularly made significant growth in literacy.
  • Our school is also above the state and ‘other schools similar in demographic to ours’ in the Mathematics NAPLAN results in Year 3 and Year 5.
  • We compete in local Public Speaking Competitions.
  • A Year 6 student was awarded the Fred Hollows humanity Award in 2020. This award recognises kindness and compassion in interactions with those in the community.
  • In 2019 our aerobics team won a silver medal in the national competition.
  • In 2020 our aerobics team won a gold medal in their national competition.
  • Our Year 5 and 6 students Compete in Maths Olympiad Competition.
  • Students from Year 5 and 6 travel to our local Catholic High School for Science Classes.
  • Each year a number of our students are chosen to represent Catholic schools in regional and state sporting events like soccer.
  • A number of our students received distinctions in NSW university tests in Science, Reading, Writing and Mathematics.
  • Over the years several students have had artwork chosen for the annual Christmas Story Art Exhibition and Competition at St Mary’s Cathedral.
  • Each year students receive community awards from our local federal and state members as well as the local RSL clubs. These awards recognise students’ contribution to kindness to others, environmental stewardship and making a contribution to the betterment of our community.
  • 16 students were awarded the Pope Francis Medal in 2020. This awards recognises significant community outreach and commitment to faith practices.
  • In 2021 we are building entrepreneurial mindsets into our learning program.